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Compliance adapted to Italian requirements

The EU market abuse regulation (“regolamento sugli abusi di mercato”) – MAR, has direct effect in Italy.

MAR imposes advanced obligations on every company with publicly traded financial instruments regarding delayed disclosure of information.

  • Borsa Italiana
  • AIM Italia
  • HI-MTF
  • MTS SPA / Bondvision

These obligations require you to draw up, and promptly update, an insider list (“persone aventi accesso a informazioni privilegiate”) including all required personal and company contact details. Insider lists must be sent to the Italian National Competent Authority (“Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa”; “CONSOB”) as soon as possible on request.


    No installations
    Minimal setup time
    Automatic updates


    User-optimized workflows for
    Insiders, PDMRs and Administrators


    Minimizes your admin time
    Automates your MAR-processes


    Constant security focus
    Continuously enhancing security protocols
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    Privacy is imperative
    Strict personal data GDPR compliance


    Designed to manage MAR-processes
    for any EU country

EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) Compliance for Italy

  • Compliance
  • CONSOB requirements
  • Borsa Italiana
  • Ease of use
  • Logwise works with Baker McKenzie to ensure all appropriate Italian adaptations for MAR are included in the service.
  • GDPR compliant solution which controls the scope and sharing of personal information.
  • Complete process for delayed disclosure
  • Automated chasing and collecting insiders confirmations
  • Complete support for PDMR lists
  • Board members compliance obligations regarding legal memorandum to persons closely associated
  • Fulfill MAR requirements with minimum effort
  • Automated reporting of delayed disclosure
  • Provide complete insider lists on demand
  • 5 year archiving for complete compliance
  • Stock issuers
  • Bond issuers
  • AIM Italia
  • Supports workflow required by SME growth market issuers
  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • Integrated workflow with automated notifications to Insiders, PDMR and Consob
  • All required legal documents included on the service at no additional cost
  • See at a glance tasks that need to be performed and issues which require urgent attention

Extensive MAR compliance solution

MAR also requires issuers to draw up a list of persons discharging managerial responsibilities (“Coloro che esercitano funzioni di amministrazione, di controllo o di direzione”), PDMR, and persons closely associated with them. MAR obligations are very detailed and the consequences of non-compliance severe. It is advisable to use Logwise’ secure IT-solution to ensure efficient MAR compliance.

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Secure and intuitive

Logwise guides you through the process of creating an insider list within seconds. Add insiders with a single click and publish your insider list just as easily.

We help you get fully compliant. A turnkey solution with no configuration needed. Get up and running within minutes.

“With Logwise we have built a service that fits any Italian company that must comply with MAR. We have turned tedious and error prone processes into easy manageable workflows adapted to CONSOB and EU requirements.

Logwise is built on top of world class security, requires no installations and with our subscription based licensing you will always have the latest version”
Eld Leijonhufvud – Chief Compliance Officer